WEB69 is a layer 2 blockchain project that will support and provide a more balanced and sustainable Dogecoin ecosystem.

WEB69 supports the DOGE ecosystem. Web69 is L2 on Dogecoin blockchain, which will improve the cost of mining, improve transaction speed and reduces fees.
With the integration of smart contracts, the Web69 project represents a big step forwards in capability for the Dogecoin $DOGE.

A developing platform, Web69 is being built to accommodate a broad range of use cases, solving problems across multiple industry verticals through decentralized applications.
1. staking
Stake $WEB69 token and earn passive income in the form of dividends distributed in $Doge.
2. Bridge
The Web69 bridge is a bi-directional bridge which provides a link between Dogecoin blockchain and Web69 blockchain. By means of the cross-chain protocol, the value of $wDOGE is pegged to $DOGE value, an equal ratio of 1:1. Both tokens are required to interact with one another in Web69 blockchain.

For every $DOGE token that is bridged, Web69 protocol mints an equivalent $wDOGE token.
3. wallet
The Web69 wallet is a cross-chain compatible. Supporting major blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Doge and subsequently, WEB69.
The Incubator for Doge community provides an exclusive access to build an innovative crypto projects as a startup before launching it into DeFi market.

This incubation period provides an extra security that will help prevent malicious intents from project owners, protect its investors and secure their funds.
5.l2 blockchain
Web69 focuses on expanding the applications of Dogecoin. Web69 provides Dogecoin community a means to wrap $DOGE tokens using Web69 vaults. $wDOGE tokens will be use to transact on other platforms.

$wDOGE tokens allow non-native $DOGE to be used on any blockchain, build bridges between networks and facilitates access to decentralized applications (DApps) such as; DeFi, GameFi, NFT's, DeFi Yields and Metaverse.
Token Economics

Launch at Unicrypt

1 Year Liquidity Lock

Uniswap Listing

Public Whitepaper

Website Revamp

Staking dApp

Coingecko Listing

Coinmarketcap Listing
Launch WEB69 Staking

Marketing Push


Launchpad - For projects supporting DOGE ecosystem

Ethereum-DOGE Bridge
WEB69 L2 Blockchain

Migration to WEB69 L2 Blockchain

Official Dex Launch

Official Wallet Launch

Hackathons for Builders on Web69

Ecosystem Expansion for More DOGE Adoption

total $web69 supply

1 Trillion


6% buy/sell - 2% development / 2% marketing / 1% liquidity / 1% reflections


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